3 In 1 Laser Machine-Cutter Welder Cleaner

Pulse Laser Cleaner
Special Offer

600mm Super Width Laser Cleaner

3 in 1 tiptop laser cutter cleaner welder machine

3 in 1 Laser cleaning machine include:

  • Laser Cutter
  • Laser Welder
  • Laser Cleaning Machine 

One machine with low cost to reach 3 function only need change the laser gun head easily.

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3 In 1 laser gun show

3 in 1 Laser Machine Parameters

Cleaning range1- 60mm
Welding depth0.1-6mm
Cutting metal thickness1mm
Power adjustment range10- 100%
Working voltage220V/380V optional
Cooling methodwater cooling
Laser head weight700g

3 in 1 Laser Welder Spare Parts

Max fiber laser

Max fiber laser

  • Higher photoelectric conversion.
  • More stable beam quality.
  • Stronger anti-high reflection ability for better cutting results.
automatic feeder

Automatic wire feeder

Convenient to replenish materials and improve work efticiency.

HANLI water cooling

  • Overall smaller size.
  • Compatible with other hardware.
  • Performance remains stable.
  • Energy saving during operation.

3 in 1 Laser Cleaning Machine Video

3 in 1 laser machine

1500w 3 In 1 Machine

laser cutter, welder and cleaner

1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w 3 In 1 Laser Machine

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