100w Laser Cleaning Machine

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100w laser cleaning machine

100w Portable Laser Cleaner

  • Size: 280x380x150mm Like A3 paper Size
  • Weight: 10kgs
  • Feature:

    This 100 watt laser cleaning machine are workable for handheld, backpack, or fixed on the workstation with small size, save space as much as possible in the design

  • Our Tiptop Laser as a professional laser cleaning manufacturer, make the most extreme miniaturization under the premise of ensuring complete functions; Our laser engineer innovatively put the safety indicator light integrated with the chassis handle, which makes it more convenient to use while ensuring high-quality safety protection measures; this product can be connected to an external power battery, and customers can use it freely in places without power supply equipment;

  • Application:

    This 100w laser cleaner is suitable for urban graffiti cleaning, welding bead Working scenarios such as cleaning, high-altitude operations, or Seiko workshops that cannot be connected to electricity.

laser cleaning 100w

100w luggage laser cleaning machine

  • Size:430mm*530mm*780mm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Feature: The 100w handheld nanosecond pulse fiber laser air-cooled laser cleaning system adopts an air luggage box design, taking into account portability and protection: the equipment can be placed in the trunk of a car, or it can be taken by a passenger elevator, so that it can be moved along with the work and carried by a single person ;The air box design makes the equipment highly resistant to the working environment, which can meet the cleaning scenarios in various harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, smoke and dust. The equipment can also realize linkage with equipment such as manipulators by quickly switching scenes to meet workshop or fixed cleaning needs.
  • Application: It is suitable for red rust removal, oil stain cleaning, small parts or low carbon steel and other rust removal work.
100wback pack laser cleaner

100w backpack laser cleaning machine

  • Created on 25th,April, 2024
  • Size:400x300x160mm
  • 8 Cleaning Modes
  • Maintenance Free
  • The 5th Laser rust removal gun
  • 650g wight for laser cleaning head
  • Customized Color for choice

100w laser cleaning machine reviews

John Doe
John DoeAviation Manager
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Tiptop laser company is a good rust descaler supplier, I work in the aviation industry in UK and use the laser paint removal in aircraft small and big parts, this 100w laser cleaning machine is good use and best suited to stripping paint off aeroplanes, and it’s on new year promotion, the laser rust remover price is very good for me!
Ahmad Arean
Ahmad Arean@username
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This 100w laser cleaning machine is well packed, Tiptop laser company are great supplier, fast delivery, very well made, and easy to set up and get up and runing.100w portable laser cleaner really look good. Good choice for me and our friend.
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Good laser machine, works very fast and stable. Tiptop is a reliable as laser cleaning machine supplier, there will be more cooperations in the future.
Juancarlos Spain
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It has been very pleasant to work with Ella, doing business with her is very easy. The purchase of more machines for our company is foreseen, without a doubt we will talk with our supplier and friend, Ella.
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